Earthquake hits Svalbard


(Svalbardposten, 13 January 2010) — An earthquake, measuring between 4.5 and 5 on the Richter scale, struck Storfjorden, between Spitsbergen and Edgøya, today at 11:08 am. “We have not yet analyzed the earthquake and can not say exactly where in Storfjorden it had its center,” said seismologist Tormod Kværne of Norsar at Kjeller. Kværne also said that the quake was only detected by instruments, which are located on Janson Haugen in Adventdalen, in Ny-Ålesund, Hopen and Hornsund. “We have not had calls from people who felt the shake. If anyone should have known something it would be the crew of the Polish research station in Hornsund,” he said. [See more about the earthquake here from NORSAR, an independent geo-scientific research foundation established in 1968, specializing in software solutions and research activities in the fields of applied seismic and seismology.]

Original article here

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