Hornorkesteret: The Marhaug and Bøe expeditions MC (2000) reissued


The obscure Hornorkesteret release “The Marhaug and Bøe expeditions” is back!
Still a cassette-only release, you can get this gem at Hornorkesteret gigs or contact Jonas Qvale to buy, beg or trade for one.

In May 2000 a young Hornorkesteret was joined by origami republika veterans Lasse Marhaug and Tore H. Bøe at Trondheim Kunstmuseum for two completely improvised meetings of crooner noise (Marhaug) and lower case noise (Bøe) with Hornorkesterets newly established “call of the wild” soundworld. This is quite harsh material, but a must if you like any of the involved parties.

Lasse Marhaug
Tore Honoré Bøe

Hornorkesteret line-up:
Torbjørn Benjaminsen
Jens V. S. Ledaal
Mette Torvund
Thomas Oxem
Mona Sæther
Jonas Qvale
Jan Krey

Originally less than twenty copies were made, given away, lost and completely forgotten about. Now we have hand-dubbed some new copies of this tape, keeping levels firmly in the red and using no noise reduction.
The release contains two tracks:
Side A: Lasse Marhaug Expedition (28 minutes)
Side B: Tore Honoré Bøe Expedition (29 minutes)

60 NOK including order directly from jmqvale@start.no

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