Olaus Magnus Carta Marina (1539)

This beautiful map of Scandinavia and Northern Europe was a landmark (literally) effort with a high level of correctness and realism for it’s time, although creatures and people shown are both real and fanciful. I particularly enjoyed seeing lapplanders riding reindeer into battle, moose charging attacking wolves, a bear (?) defecating in the woods, a man playing a huge fiddle in his lap to arctic swans and a pair of fish in northern Iceland, a woman milking a reindeer near Umeå, The Saltstraumen maelstrom in northern Norway, the appearance of important driftwood outside of Greenland as well as tall trees growing on Greenlands east coast.

The Carta marina (Latin “map of the sea” or “sea map”[1]), created by Olaus Magnus in the 16th century, is the earliest map of the Nordic countries that gives details and placenames. Only two earlier maps of Scandinavia are known, those of Jacob Ziegler and Claudius Clavus.

Wikipedia article here

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