Oil spills do more damage in the North


ImageAn oil spill in the far North will do more damage to the environment than a spill further south. The reason is that the eco-systems in the North are more vulnerable, a new scientific report shows.

The report is made by the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) for the Directorate for Nature Management (DN), and is part of the background material to be used when the Government will be discussing the administration plan for the waters around Lofoten and in the Barents Sea.

The Lofoten-Barents waters contain some of the world’s largest fish stocks, rare coral reefs and other marine life, as well as some of the largest collections of sea birds.

The new report confirms much of what has been previous information.

– Today’s knowledge tells us that it would not be advisable to open up for oil drilling off the coast of Lofoten and Vesterålen, says Lars Haltbrekken, leader of Friends of the Earth Norway(Norges Naturvernforbund).

Original article in The Norway Post here

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