Bulgarian Antarctic mission maps the sea floor around eastern Livingston Island


The Bulgarian Antarctic Institute (BAI) has created a 3D model of the seabed of the south coast near the Bulgarian antarctic base St Kliment Ohridski in the eastern Livingston Island, Bulgarian Stroitelstvo Gradut weekly said on April 12 2010.

In addition to mapping the sea floor around the eastern Livingston Island, the Bulgarian expedition installed equipment which accurately measures the shape of the shoreline and the changing of the tides on a daily basis.

The Bulgarian base is on the South Shetland Islands, a stretch of seafront called the Bulgarian Beach, Emona Harbour.

This is the 18th Bulgarian antarctic expedition; it will be based on Livingston Island from November 2009 until December 2010, constituting 27 Bulgarian scientists. The base is used for research in the field of geology, biology, glaciology, topography and geographic information.

According to the mission’s official website, St. Kliment Ohridski is visited by cruise ships from Hannah Point, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Antarctica, just 12 km to the west.

Bulgaria launched its polar activities in Antarctica back in 1967-1969, when Bulgarian meteorologists took part in the XIII Soviet Antarctic Expedition. Subsequently, in the austral summer season of 1987-1988, six Bulgarian scientists participated in joint projects with the British Antarctic Survey and the Soviet Institute for Antarctic and Arctic Research.

Between 1993 and 2007, Bulgaria dispatched 16 successive Antarctic campaigns. The Bulgarian base is provided with logistic support and assistance from the Spanish Polar Institutions, as both missions are working together in “close co-operation”.

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