Russia’s Arctic expedition heads for Murmansk

THE “ROSSIA” ICEBREAKER, June 6 (Itar-Tass) – Russia’s “High-Latitude Arctic” expedition is heading for the northern port of Murmansk.

Russian polar explorers, members of the “High-Latitude Arctic-2010” expedition and the crew of the icebreaker ‘Rossia’ officially closed the North Pole – 37 drifting station in the Arctic on Saturday.

“Over the past nine months fifteen polar explorers represented the interests of Russia and the whole mankind in the extremely harsh conditions of the Arctic,” Vladimir Sokolov, the head of the high-latitude expedition, said.

“The scientists who worked on the North Pole –37 Arctic station have done a huge amount of work vital for the development of science and the exploration of the Arctic. The research they carried out is particularly important in conditions of changing climate,” Sokolov went on to say.

Original article here

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