Svalbardlomvi -New species on the Red List


Original article (in norwegian) here

Det er færre polarlomvier både på Bjørnøya og på Spitsbergen. (Foto: Hallvard Strøm/Norsk Polarinstitutt)

(Line Nagell Ylvisåker/Svalbardposten, 12 November 2010) — The Svalbardlomvi (polar guillemot) is a new addition to “Norwegian Red List of Species 2010” which was published Tuesday [9 November]. Svalbard population has declined dramatically in recent years. 71 Svalbard species are classified as Red List species in the new list of Biodiversity Information. Five of them are new on the list that was last updated in 2006. Polar guillemots are one of them. “The polar guillemot has had a relatively sharp decline in population both on Spitsbergen and Bear Island,” says bird researcher Halvard Strøm at the Norwegian Polar Institute. He served on the expert group that worked with the Red List. The size of the polar guillemot population has decreased the last five to ten years. “The sharp decline indicates that there are things that we must be aware of,” said Strøm. Scientists are now trying to figure out what has caused the Svalbard population decline. “The reason may be changes in food supply, both on Svalbard and in winter quarters,” said Strøm.

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