Reindeer Pie at Battersea Pie Station, Covent Garden

The British do not regularly eat reindeer meat, but they are now being exposed to it as the market for this excellent meat is expanding. Earlier we saw outrage as Lidl stores started to sell the product. Now you can have delicious reindeer pie at Battersea Pie Station, London. But why did they call it “Rudolph” – how unimaginitive.


By Chris Osburn · December 3, 2010
Original article here

Poor Rudolph. Ostracised for his abnormalities until Santa figured out how to exploit him. Then, when no longer of use, the red nosed flying hoofer got sent off to a North Pole abattoir to be made into pie for Londoners.

Battersea Pie Station inside Covent Garden Market (not sure what’s with the “Battersea” title), launched their “Rudolph” reindeer pie this afternoon. We whisked round for a sample (word is Londonist was the first to try it in shop) at lunch and found it a heartily warming treat for such a winter’s day.

Made from organic free-range (not farmed) Swedish reindeer meat in a red wine and mushroom sauce and garnished with a dusting of herbs, it’s good value at £6.00 eat in or £5.00 takeaway . Low in fat, high in protein and rich in minerals, it’s also pretty tasty. We had ours doused in gravy and served alongside some decent mash and flavourful red cabbage (sides start at £1) and reckon we won’t need to worry about dinner tonight.

“The Rudolph” is available from today (no word on when they’ll pull it from the menu) at Battersea Pie Station (Lower Ground Floor, 28 The Market, Covent Garden, WC2E 8RA). Visit for more info.

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