Mårhund shot in Kautokeino

NRK picture gallery here
Via NRK – original article (in sami) here
NRK finnmark has an article in norwegian now, here
March 8th 2011 – NRK Sami Radio reports that a Mårhund (Raccoon dog, Nyctereutes procyonoides) has been shot in Kautokeino last saturday. The raccoon dog was radiotagged and had come to Norway from Sweden. It is 3 years since the last time a raccoon dog has been reported shot in Finnmark.

The mårhund or raccoon dog is unwanted in Norway, since it carries pests and diseases and is omnivorous. Raccoon dogs would quickly decimate bird populations if allowed to live in Norway.
There is no hunting licence or law applying to raccoon dogs, and hunters are asked to shoot on site when they see a raccoon dog.

Jonas Qvale/Hornorkesteret

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