Polnytt is back!

kjoleskPolnytt, Hornorkesterets weblog of polar news and curious  has been on hiatus since november 2011, following the release of Hornorkesterets CD Fjær og Jern. In the meantime, the band has undertaken a school tour of Østfold as a trio, represented at the Roald Amundsen Memorial Lecture 2012 at the Fram museum, performed in Norway and Sweden a handful of times but also been very busy with other projects.

This blog used to have a mix of self created content and “cut/pasted” news articles, though always citing and linking to the source. In the future, we will post more articles about Hornorkesteret and their instruments and original content. We’ll try to do a weekly Polar news and curious roundup with links and comments.

Rumour has it Hornorkesteret is recording a studio album of all new material these days. You’ll hear about it here first!