Norway reservoir levels down 50% on last five years

ICISHeren 23 Mar 2011 17:22:00 | edem – Original article here

Water levels in the Nordic region’s reservoirs dropped further in week 11 to bottom out at 19% average fullness, a week-on-week drop of 2.1 percentage points.

Nord Pool Spot data released on Wednesday showed that the reservoir area – Norway, Sweden and Finland – has seen a sustained decline from the beginning of the year, when hydro stocks were at 42.5% fullness.

Hydro levels in the region are dominated by Norway, with Norwegian hydropower accounting for 98-99% of the country’s electricity consumption. Norway’s reservoirs also make up roughly 73% of the entire Nordic region’s reservoir levels.

Norway saw a week-on-week drop of 2.2 percentage points in week 11 to reach 20.6% fullness. This represented a near 50% decline compared with the average over the past five years for Norwegian reservoir levels in week 11, which stood at 40.7%.

Norway’s Week 11 levels corresponded to the capacity equivalent of 16.8TWh and are a marked contrast to the 24.9TWh seen in week 11 of 2010.

Swedish levels had a softer fall of 1.9 percentage points week on week to reach a reservoir level landing of 14.9% fullness, with a residual capacity of 5.03TWh. The capacity difference is a year-on-year fall of 7.64%.

Hydro levels in Finland were only down 5.3% week on week, but the marginal drop had little impact because Finnish reservoirs only make up less than 5% of the Nordic area’s total hydro volume. Potential generation volume – at 1.12TWh – dipped by a notable 28.4% year on year. RAK