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100 daily views – an all time high for Polnytt!

September 27, 2010

A few days ago, we reached an all time high of 100 daily visits to this site, and over 1600 monthly visits! We must be doing something right – mostly re-posting bits of polar news we find interesting and adding the occasional comment, as well as writing an original entry once in a blue moon. We try to post environmental information that becomes more and more important as the ice melts under the polar bears feet, and stuff that lies within Hornorkesterets sphere of interest.

At this point, we’d like to thank all or readers for staying with us for this long!

Do you feel you could contribute to Polnytt? Articles on current polar issues, polar history, environmental issues, norwegian identy, sami culture, inuit culture, early music and experimental acoustic instruments are welcome – drop me (Hornfar/Jonas) a line at and I may add you as a contributor to this blog. No racists or tree-hugging neo-folk nazis, please!

For those of you who long for more Hornorkesteret news, there will be more exciting information coming up as we close in on the 99 year anniversary of the conquest of the South Pole in December 2010, and even more as we work our way towards the centennial anniversary in 2011. But before that, new instruments, new stage costumes and props, new videos, the  release of our CD anthology, new collaboration projects and concerts, so stay tuned!

Our main site, is down at the moment and we are working on getting a new server space for it. For now, keep your eyes on Polnytt, our Myspace page and the unofficial Hornorkesteret fanpage on Facebook.