Finland’s Reindeer Sperm in High Demand


Mongolia hopes Finnish reindeer will help infuse its population of the animal. Image: YLE Lappi / Tapio Nykänen


Mongolia’s President has requested a delivery of Finnish reindeer sperm to help revive the country’s dwindling reindeer population, reports Helsingin Sanomat.

The matter came up during a visit by Prime Minister Mari Kiviniemi to Mongolia.

Collecting the sperm could prove difficult, according to Mauri Nieminen, a research manager at the Reindeer Research Station of the Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute.

Nieminen is skeptical of Mongolia’s actual need for the sperm, as the country has received new reindeer flocks from Russia. Information on inbreeding is also conflicting, he says.

A few decades ago, Finland transported 170 reindeers to Hokkaido, Japan. Nieminen also believes that it would in this case make more sense to ship the animals. He will soon head to Mongolia to investigate the reindeer situation there.


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