Norway reservoir levels down 50% on last five years

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Water levels in the Nordic region’s reservoirs dropped further in week 11 to bottom out at 19% average fullness, a week-on-week drop of 2.1 percentage points.

Nord Pool Spot data released on Wednesday showed that the reservoir area – Norway, Sweden and Finland – has seen a sustained decline from the beginning of the year, when hydro stocks were at 42.5% fullness.

Hydro levels in the region are dominated by Norway, with Norwegian hydropower accounting for 98-99% of the country’s electricity consumption. Norway’s reservoirs also make up roughly 73% of the entire Nordic region’s reservoir levels.

Norway saw a week-on-week drop of 2.2 percentage points in week 11 to reach 20.6% fullness. This represented a near 50% decline compared with the average over the past five years for Norwegian reservoir levels in week 11, which stood at 40.7%.

Norway’s Week 11 levels corresponded to the capacity equivalent of 16.8TWh and are a marked contrast to the 24.9TWh seen in week 11 of 2010.

Swedish levels had a softer fall of 1.9 percentage points week on week to reach a reservoir level landing of 14.9% fullness, with a residual capacity of 5.03TWh. The capacity difference is a year-on-year fall of 7.64%.

Hydro levels in Finland were only down 5.3% week on week, but the marginal drop had little impact because Finnish reservoirs only make up less than 5% of the Nordic area’s total hydro volume. Potential generation volume – at 1.12TWh – dipped by a notable 28.4% year on year. RAK

Spring floods threaten northern Sweden

(The Local, 21 May 2010) — Sweden’s meteorological agency SMHI has issued flood warnings in several areas across northern parts of Sweden as water levels rise with the spring floods. In Jämtland water levels are extremely high and there are fears that Hammerdal hydro-electric power station remains under threat from flooding despite some easing off during the night. “Water levels have dropped back 2.5 centimetre during the night. But we have been building barriers with sand bags around the station during the night and will continue,” said Nicolas von Essen at the emergency services. Recent flooding has caused a number of road closures in Västerbotten and Norrbotten in the far north of Sweden with water levels suddenly climbing around half a metre as melting snow filtered down into rivers and tributaries. While the situation in the far north is starting to ease, the worst problems remain in Jämtland and around Hammerdal with several properties reported to be flooded. “We are waiting on a new forecast from SMHI at around 10am and will spend the day photographing all the rivers to check developments,” von Essen said. SMHI expects water levels to rise for a couple more days but indicates that the peak has been reached in the far north.

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