HORNORKESTERET – the Norwegian Polar Orchestra

Hornorkesteret at Kråkerøy Motorfabrik in 2008. Photo by Fartein Rudjord.

 Established in 1999. The ensemble mainly play reindeer antlers with strings, augmented by flutes, vocals, percussion, field recordings and various acoustic instruments. Under the guidance of Jonas Qvale and with both steady and revolving membership participation of artists, musicians and performers, Hornorkesteret create a music somewhere between improv, folk and contemporary composition and theatrical and conceptual performances.

Our first album, Fjær og jern (2011), was a compilation of our best efforts mostly live, but also in the studio.
“Jehovas vinter”  (december 2019) is a studio album of all new original dark folk instrumentals, and Hornorkesteret are touring to support the album in 2020.

Hornorkesteret at House of Foundation, nov. 10th 2019. Photo: Ole Peko Sørensen

We are available for concerts in 2020 – get in touch: jonas.qvale@gmail.com

POLNYTT – polar news:
With a steady focus on the polar regions, Hornorkesteret collect polar news and other things in our general fields of interest:

Folk music
Odd instruments
Roald Amundsen
The Fram
The Arctic
The Antarctic

Stringed antler instruments. Photo by Jonas Qvale

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